An Amazing Person

This woman is a true hero. Does anybody else want to get a hold of Extreme Makeover : Home Edition?


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New Sites

Links has 2 new sites! My Twitter and the Yarn Harlot. Fun stuff.

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I like to knit…working on my very first project in the round. A simple, green wool hat pour mon pere. Double pointed kneedle are fun! If I had bought the right size needles at the yarn shop I would be working on this in sparkly, midnight blue mohair. But I didn’t, so I’m not. And also I would post pics, but my camera has a stupid defective card, which is holding all of my photos form France. Huh. Who figured that would be the one card that decided it didn’t like computers? The one with all the good stuff. Grrr…

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My New Year’s Resolution..

BLOG MORE! It’s so could I not see it? I will share my life with everybody who has access to the internet more! Brilliant! (I hope you know that this was a sudden revalation on my part. I am just such an inspired person sometimes.)

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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Just sayin’ ; )

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So Much Better?

Beacon of Positivity

Good Boy

So Much Better

All demos of Legally Blonde

Better than current versions? Close!

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How to Suceed in Removing a Security Tag witout hardly even trying.

So I recently went to a half of half store and bought a really pretty sundress. Upon my arrival home, we noticed that it still had a security tag on it. We pondered for a while, googled for a while, and then decided to hit it with a 4 pound hammer. (Sophisticated, right?) When we turned it on it’s side (it was the kind that is rectangular), after a few good whacks it split open. A magnet and some shiny foil stuff flew out. Then there was a pin with a metal piece around it. We pulled the piece off with a screwdriver and it all came apart. MAGIC!

P.S.- I DID NOT steal the dress. I know you were thinking that. Don’t deny it.                           Seriously.

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