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Cross Country

Ahhh..  Cross country actually relaxes me! I never thought I would say that! However there aren’t enough girls to make a team so I can only run as an individual. Oh well. It’s good enough for me!


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First Day of School

First day back at school! When I got there I remembered how much I like it. I didn’t remember about Latin Quizzes, however.(I have 2 tommorow!!) I tried out for the play and discovered I’m the only girl on the cross country team! So far tres bien!

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Rhubarb the rat terrier mix from!

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Pool Party

Pool Party tomorrow! I hope it works out better than last years because it ended up with the boys tearing up all the noodles and throwing them at everybody.(Mainly one of my bestest friends!!!) Here’s to hoping there’s a hot tub to get away from it all!! 😉 

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Help Animals and the Rainforest

By clicking here and then clicking on the big purple button, you can provide .6 bowls of food for an orphaned pet for free everyday.

Or you can do the same here, but it protects 11.4 square feet of rainforest.

By just taking a couple of seconds everyday, you can help make the world a better place to live!

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You might say I live for the stage in all of its forms. I love to see musicals, act in them, listen to them..Why would anyone listen to rap when the could listen to Hairspray? Some of my friends would be glad to answer that question! My current favorites are Legally Blonde:The Musical, The Fantasticks, Hairspray, and Wicked. I haven’t seen any actually on Broadway, but I saw Wicked  on tour, and the movie versions of the others numerous times!! (They are all too good!!!) My dream would be to go to New York for a week, shop all day and see a different muscial/play every night!

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