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Fight Cruelty

ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Resource Center


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Blog Action Day

Go Green.

Things people do that bother me

  • Dump the whole worlds waste in the ocean. Not many people can personally do anything about that, but still who thought of it in the first place?
  • Not cutting up your yogurt containers! It’s a simple thing. Little animals go and find the containers at the landfill and stick their noses in and can’t get out.
  • Develop all the extra land they can get their hands on. There are plenty of houses already. We don’t need more. Who wants to live in a neighborhood without any trees anyway.
  • Buy products that are tested on animals. Ever since I watched  Legally Blonde 2 I buy all my toiletries from places like the health food store which have animal friendly stuff. (Plus, I get better results with those products than the more popular brands!)
  • There are probably a lot more things, but those are my main issues! Thanks for listening to me rage! 😉

One simple thing we can all do. RECYCLE!

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“The Game”

I lost the game.

“The Game” is that you have 30 minutes to forget you’re playing “The Game”. If you remember “The Game” after these 30 minutes are up, you must say out loud, I lost The Game.” and explain to everyone around you what “The Game” is. Thanks to one boy who lost “The Game” in French class, everybody in our grade is playing “The Game”. If one person loses, so does everyone else.

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