Legally Blonde

Ok so if you are like me and love Legally Blonde with all your heart, you may have watched it on T.V. But then, it was over forever. Well, l3g4llybl0nd3 on YouTube has made it easy to see it again. Go here – to see the first part. When you’re done with the first amazing tidbit, go to the video responses and click on the next part.  Watch and repeat until part 18. That may seem like a lot, but if you love it, it goes quickly.

P.S. -It’s sing along!


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The Office

Good The Office quote

Michael-“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”

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Wicked Stuff

Has anyone ever noticed how Elphaba predicts her future in The Wizard and I? She thinks it’s for good but it’s not! A celebration all to do with her equals=rejoicing at her death. So happy she could melt=she does melt. People will scream when they see her.

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Legally Blonde marquee

Legally Blonde marquee

Originally uploaded by qmchenry

I love this photo!

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Wiki Wiki Wiki – Neato!

 Funniest Thing Ever!

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Here you will find my pictures!!! It was just to hard to put them on the blog!

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Well, well, well. Its been a long time since I actually talked about anything important. Hmmmm. I recently visited NYC and saw the Radio City Christmas Spectactular and The Fantasticks. Both rocked my world!! Especially The Fantasticks which was so good! I loved Burke Moses!!! Since all the shows were closed for the strike we weren’t able to see Hairspraylike we planned but I think I had a better time than I would have without the strike. Plus I got a flyer from a real live striker!!! 

Christmas was good. I got a bike and lots of books. My personal favorite was Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitching. I have now taken up embroidery again. I made some really cool stuff and I will post some pictures later. I got this really cute rocket tote at Journeys for my thread and stuff.

Omg I love my friends. Today we made a totally goofy video for Legally Blonde the Remix. Ya we stuffed a stuffed pug into this little tiny pink bag and I put on my friends sisters old dress with a robe over it and I was Elle. My other friend was Vivian ans she wore my Patigonia and a…sombrero for some reason. Then we stepped danced a little. We also did a video to Last Resort. My friend pretended to play an electric guitar while standing on a moving treadmill. I lip synced along while using a dumbell for my mic. Then the guitar string broke!! (not her guitar) so ya that video has an interesting end. We were jamming.

The video we were trying to replicate.

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